Mesa Verde

Today we went to Mesa Verde national park  and saw ancient Indian villages inside of mountains like I leaned about at school. 

We went into a hole in the ground where they stored food.  It was dark down there. We also saw lots of canyons  and hiked on a trial.  We came back to the camp site and sat down watching tv.


Arches and Corners.

Today I woke up in a camper next to the Colorado river.  


I had to get up an pee a lot. Sheepy is enjoying this trip.


We went back to see more arches at the national park. 

 We went under an arch connected to another arch.

 We went high up.  

We also saw a big rock being helled up by a stick called balanced rock. 


Later we went to 4 corners. It felt weird being in 4 states at once. It took a really long time to drive there. But I would have been sorry if I hadn’t gone though. 

 At night I was trying to watch tv on the phone but te Internet was really slow. I was relieved the show I wanted to watch ended.


Today we got the RV… 

and went to Arches National park in Utah.

We also saw a famous arch (because it is on Utah license plate). 

 We also saw a lot of rocks 

And mountains  

And cactuses 

 The rocks were gigantic compared to the ones in Alma. 


I’m divided

Next we went through mofat tunnel. 

 It took 20 minutes and we were sitting in the dark that long.  We crossed over the continental divide. I don’t know what that means, but the conductor said all the water will flow west now. 


After breakfast we came back to our room and there were some awesome mountains. The Rockies. At first was just hills then I could see shadows of maintains. Then they got bigger and I thought it was a green screen. We kept going up, and kept getting awesomer. 

 Still can’t believe this is real.    


It was a beautiful sunrise. I was sleepy but I still enjoyed seeing the sunrise over the Colorado plains. Then we had breakfast and I invented a new meal by dipping a croissant into syrup.



I did not think people lived in Colorado, but I see houses.

Starry night.


Sleeping is hard to do on a moving train. I woke up a lot and I couldn’t sleep because we were bouncing around. (Parent editorial: he has the sniffles and needed to get up a lot for Kleenex.) I also think we are haunted by the ghost of Leonard Nimoy because we hear flushing noises and our bathroom door keeps popping open). It was black outside and we saw stars and far away towns. We slept through Nebraska.  The conductor said we hit a tire in the middle of the night and I think it woke me up.



Last of Illinois

Just passed through Monmouth, Illinois. It is the home of Monmouth College and the birthplace of Wyatt Earp. To name the town, they put a bunch of names in a hat. The first name they drew was Kosciusko. Everyone said it was too hard to spell, so they drew again and got Monmouth.


(Parent editorial: this material is in the Amtrak brochure of the California Zephyr route.)